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Typography & Typesetting
Typesetting is the composition and arrangement of text. In older times this meant physically setting metal type into lines, one letter at a time. While Caitlin sets metal and wood type when she is working on letterpress projects, her more relevant work occurs in Adobe InDesign where she works digitally to produce books and manuscripts that are both aesthetically pleasing and, most importantly, that promote readability. See our Typography & Typesetting Portfolio here.
Print Design
Print design includes any print projects that aren’t specifically related to books or manuscripts. These projects include business cards, posters, brochures, invitations and more, all of which we have experience in designing. If you are wondering if your print project is something we can do, please send us an email we will get back to you quickly with any additional information you might need. See our Print Design Portfolio here.
Web Design
Patrick has recently attended BCIT for computer technology where he took up a specific interest in web coding. With Patrick’s knowledge and skill of coding and Caitlin’s design sensibilities, we have the skill base to produce beautiful, understated websites, with a solid coding framework. See our Web Design portfolio here.
Whether you are a self-publisher looking for someone to design your book, someone who needs a print project executed with a trained eye, or a small business looking to add an elegant website to help with their marketing, please contact us and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.
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